Serviced Accommodation

Those who run a business understand the difficulty in keeping on top of things that are pivotal to the smooth running of their product or service, and  photos can be an absolutely crucial factor in the advertising. When you look at a lot of property promotions, you can tell that the photos within were taken with a phone. The images are blurry, not straight and somewhat pixelated. It looks totally unprofessional to the customer and they will more than likely look elsewhere to find someone who has meticulous attention to detail.

My photos for Serviced Accommodation are just that! Meticulously staged (moving a lamp, wiping a mirror, flattening creases) and once I am happy with the general set up, then I will take the photo. Once completed, the photos will be edited by straightening, lighting, adjusting clarity, etc to ensure your business and its’ products are shown as you need them to be.

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